How To Create Ringtones Directly From In iPhone Without Using iTunes And PC

Here is a guide on how to create and set ringtones directly from your iPhone without using iTunes on your Mac or PC without the need of Jailbreak.

All that we need is:


Application GarageBand , free for all owners of an iPhone 5C / 5S or 6/6 Plus



How To Create Ringtones Directly From In iPhone Without Using iTunes And PC Guide:

1. Open GarageBand, and in the upper left corner we create a new project by selecting as an instrument “sound recorder”.

2.  On the top right, just below the wheel settings, we tap on the little “+” and carry on measures 15, which is equivalent to 30 seconds of playback, then tap on the end.

3. Returning to the recording screen pass in a ” storyboard “by tapping the appropriate icon.

4.  Entered in the “storyboard” in the upper right corner, next to the wheel settings, click the “loop”.

5. We just have to select the loop, the audio file or song you would like to turn into a ringtone, our music library directly from the iPhone. In the latter case, we touch the label “music” and choose the song you want.

6.  After you import the audio file, just as you do with the movie editing, cut out the portion of the song that interests us, remembering that the ring can take up to 30 seconds.

7.  In the upper left back under “my songs.

8. Press and hold on the song you want to turn into ring until it starts to vibrate, make sure it is selected and we tap on the “share” and select a ringtone.

9. We give a name to the bell and we tap on “Export.”

10. You just have to go into Settings> Sound and choose your new custom ring tone from the list.

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