CPU-Z APK Download For Android

CPU-Z – a simple program for Android devices to collect detailed information on the hardware of the mobile device: general information, detailed information about the processor, RAM and graphics subsystem. CPU-Z is able even to gather information on the state of the built-in your Android sensors and sensors. Download it under the cut.

To understand the array of data is easier if you understand a little bit in hardware. You can download CPU-Z for Android just below totally free, and before that a brief overview of options.

SoC (System on Chip) – on this tab, CPU-Z shows the summary statistics for your hardware devices: the architecture and model of the CPU, the total number of active cores and clock speed of each core clock speed and dynamics, the total CPU utilization, and so on.

CPU-Z APK Download For Android

System – on this tab, CPU-Z keeps all the information about the model and manufacturer of your device, data about the operating system, the operating and the maximum resolution of the screen, as well as data on the memory (total, free, busy), and other data.

Battery – here CPU-Z will tell you in detail about the state of the battery the phone or tablet. The general condition of the battery, its charge current, battery capacity and temperature.

Sensors – the name of the bookmark speaks for itself. CPU-Z defines the list of available sensors in your device, and displays their status in a simple table.

Program settings allow CPU-Z show the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, and disables some bookmarks that you may be unnecessarily.


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