How To Configure iCloud Drive On iPhone, iPad iOS 8

And we continue with the new features of  iOS in August and one of the most important is  iCloud Drive , a re-adaptation of the cloud service from  Apple that sounds like DropBox now, unlike before, allows us direct access to our file They are always available to all our teams apple but how to properly configure iCloud Drive?

how-to-configure-icloud-drive-on-iphone-ipad-ios-8iCloud Drive: Some Preliminary Considerations

With the advent of  iCloud Drive , in addition to the above, we have two very important developments to note:

First.  iCloud Drive  is open to others which means we can have documents, photos and other applications such as Good Reader, Day One and many more available from our iOS devices and OS X.

Second. This implies that we will store more data and therefore free 5GB that Apple offers will resultants insufficient.

In addition to the above, just at the moment and until  OS X Yosemite is released officially (probably over next October) you must consider that  iCloud Drive  is a new file structure  that requires  iOS August  and said Yosemite so if you need to move around your documents between devices recalled that Mac you will not do so until OS X Yosemite is released. So keep that in mind.


How to configure iCloud Drive?

Very simple. we have two options:

1.Upgrade to  iCloud Drive  automatically when you are prompted during the installation process  iOS August . Our records become available on devices that meet the conditions we have mentioned before.

2.If you prefer to wait, you can set up  iCloud Drive  later manually for it should just go to Settings  → iCloud  iCloud → Drive and enable / disable apps that use or do not want the new Apple service.

As we said before, this implies increased occupation or not the available space in  iCloud  which will ask us to change or not, our storage plan.

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