How To Check Online Status Of The Warranty Of iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Do you know In What State The Warranty Of Your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch?

Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and iPad mini gadgets are expensive and not surprisingly, repairing them is too. Therefore, the available manufacturer’s warranty that can support any repairs in case of a problem on any of your devices is a relief anytime.

As we know, new devices come with one year warranty from the manufacturer, Apple, and knowing that new devices may have some hardware or software problem, the same manufacturer can repair it at no cost is a plus.

Now, you probably do not remember well the purchase date of your iPhone, iPod, iPad and iPad mini, if you would like to know if it is still under warranty by a problem with the device, or the peace of mind that is still covered, then we explain how you can find out with a simple connection to the official Apple site where you provide such information.


How To Check Online The Status Of The Warranty Of Your iPhone:

1. Go to the following web address:  Check Online Status Of The Warranty Of iPhone
2. Here a dialog box, in this you have to enter the serial number of the device appears. To find the serial number on your iOS device you have to follow these steps:

  • We go to the following path: Settings > General > Information
  • We drove down until you find the option: Serial

3. We take the alphanumeric code and introduce into the box that appears in step 2
4. When you click on Continue happen one of two things:

  • If the date of purchase can not be validated, you will have to write the date you bought the device in the Apple store. If the date is not provided accurately, we have to follow the steps indicated the system to send a proof of purchase.
  • If the purchase or the serial number has been validated, you will be given all kinds of useful information, this includes information if we have phone support, repairs and cover other active services. We may know if you are about to expire or have already expired.

With these steps we will have all the information you need to have on the warranty status of our favorite Apple devices.

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