How To Change Font Size For WhatsApp In iPhone

Do you think you have trouble reading your posts WhatsApp ? Or, conversely, do you find that the letter of your chats is too big?  WhatsApp allows you to change the font size of your chats, you can increase or decrease to your liking. Continue reading this article because you count the steps that you must follow to learn how you can change the font size of WhatsApp in iPhone .


How To Change Font Size For WhatsApp In iPhone Instructions:

1. Open your WhatsApp and select "Option Settings "link in the bottom right of the navigation menu.

2. In the new window that has opened you have to select "Settings chat".

3. You will be taken to a new menu with various options, among which you have to select "Text size".

4. Then open a new window in which four options appear: "Small, Medium, Large, Giant." Each written with the font size it says it is. You have to select the font size you want.

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