How To Change Apps Icons on Your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Are you tired of seeing the same icons on your iPhone? Now you can change them! And best of all, you do not need to Jailbreak to get it, even if you have your phone upgraded to iOS 7 . With these simple steps, you can choose the images that you like and adapt to the icons you want to change, so it begins select symbols you want and the applications you want to change the icons. If you like the idea, read this article and learn how to change Apps icons on iPhone.

How To Change Apps Icons on Your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

How To Change Apps Icons on Your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Instructions:

1. From your iPhone, go to Safari and type in the search bar ‘iCustom’ press on the first option that appears.

2. Once inside the page, slide it with your finger down and find ‘START NOW!’, Right next to the tool icon. Click on it and you’ll see that the page changes, all the way back down to ‘Choose application type’ section, where you can choose which applications you want to have other icons.

3. Now look for the type of application you are interested to change the icon, for example we will choose ‘Social & Sharing’ to change the icon of Facebook . When you have chosen this, you must choose the particular application you want to modify, in ‘Choose application’.

4. Now, in the drop down you will check the photo you want to put an icon on your iPhone. You can select a URL or choose one of your reel. If you did the previous exercise of selecting all new icons, you have it easy, you only need to look at your photo album. We have done so we will press on ‘Select File’ if you have not saved the image, open another window, look for it and copy the URL in the bar that says ‘type a valid URL icon’.

5. When you have selected photo, slide your finger down until a green tab, ‘Let’s GO!’ ​​Press on it. You will see that it has opened a dialog automatically give where it says ‘Open Popup’.

6. Pressing the tab on another page will open in Safari. Once here, slips a little finger like you want to open another window, tap on the square with the arrow. Then, give ‘Add to Home Screen’ to add the new icon. You see you have the option to enter the name of the application that will take the image you selected, write and press ‘Add’.

7. And presto! The new icon automatically appears on your iPhone screen. You see the original does not go away, it stays. What you can do is put it in a folder and hide, because the pressure on the new icon sends you to the application you indicated you. You should do this process for each icon you want to change.

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