How To Call Voice Command On Siri iOS 8

One of the many new features that iOS 8 brings have to do with Siri. In Cupertino wanted to enhance the friendly and personal assistant in this new version, in addition to integrating with Shazam, have managed, now yes, you can manage and use your iPhone or iPad using only voice without touching it .

The new improved Siri iOS 8 activates Siri when you say hey and recognizes your commands and queries without any problem. In addition to the convenience of this feature to use any hands-free device while driving, for example, is also an advantage for people with disabilities.

And as explained in Apple Insider , it is also an investment in the future by Apple as iOS 8 Siri is integrated with new development tools HomeKit, designed to enable control and management of smart homes Thus, within not much you can close the doors of your home, control the temperature, increase or decrease the intensity of the lights using and decide which movie you want to watch or play video game using your voice and your iOS device .

How To Call Voice Command On Siri

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