How To Block Someone On Linkedin

On Linkedin you can create a series of personal and professional contacts of great interest; however, if you want to block someone on Linkedin so you can not see your profile, send messages or receive their ratings, you can do so quickly and easily.

In Youthplusindia teach you step by step how to block someone on Linkedin and delete it, so your professional network.

Instructions How To Block Someone On Linkedin

1. The first thing you have to do to know how to block someone on Linkedin is to log into your account and find the profile of this particular person.

When you have front profile, you must pass the cursor over the arrow downstream; the arrow next to the find highlighted in blue "Send a Message" option, as we show in the screenshot.


2. When you pass the cursor over this arrow, a drop down menu with various options appears: the last one is the one that gives you the option to "Block and Report"; you must select it to enable it to lock the contact in Linkedin .


3.Then you will appear in the center of the screen in a box that tells you the two options you can choose: either to block or report. Alongside them, Linkedin offers a number of explanations for you to understand what will provoke pursuing this option.

If you want to block someone on Linkedin you must choose the first option, as you will see in the attached image.


4.If you want to block someone on Linkedin you must keep in mind that you can not perform the following actions:

You can not access your Linkedin profile , or he may consult yours.
You can not send you any messages, nor he to you.
Shall leave to stay connected in your network.
Validations / recommendations that you had contact, would be removed from your profile on Linkedin .

5. Aspects to take into account to learn how to block someone on Linkedin :

The contact you have blocked will not be informed of the blockade has done.
Anonymous users can still see your profile on Linkedin : there is still no way to block this user access to your data.
The lock someone in Linkedin can only be done from a PC board; from a mobile device or tablet is not yet developed this option.

If you prefer, rather than block someone on Linkedin , you can delete contact: In the following article you will read how to delete a contact on Linkedin .


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