How To Block Calls And SMS On A Lumia

On a previous occasion we explain how to block calls and SMS contacts from an iPhone . This time we will also explain how to block calls and SMS on a Lumia.

While this procedure has been tested on a Lumia (which has a Windows Phone operating system), also applies to other brands with the same operating system, although the step could vary slightly (each brand customizes the OS).

Process To Block Calls And SMS On A Lumia

To correctly perform this block must do the following:

Enable the option of blocking calls and SMS

Enter the section Settings / Call + SMS Filter

Then Check “Block calls + SMS”

There are additional options you can find in the “Advanced” section

Block withheld numbers: Lets you block unknown numbers (whose number is listed as hidden)

Live Tile application: It allows you to create an icon on the main screen of the Lumia to have faster access.

Notifications: Here comes a notification when a blocked number has tried to call you or send you an SMS.

How To Block Calls And SMS On A Lumia

Blocking A Specific Number

To block a number is important to note that the number must have called block or at least I have called you. Why do I say this? Because blocking must be done from the call history, not from the contact list. On the one hand it is good because you can block someone who is not necessarily in your contact list, but otherwise, you can not block someone from your contact list if it’s not in your call history.

Having said this, you have to do is go to phone / calls and hold the number you want baroque.Intermediate a window with several options will appear. Choose the “block number

I already blocked it. IF you want to know if it is blocked you must go back to  Settings / Call + SMS Filter and enter the “Blocked Numbers” and see the list of everyone you’ve blocked.

Finally if you want to unlock a number, in this same part you can do giving the edit option.

I hope this tutorial to block calls and SMS in Lumia will be useful.

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