Blender For Windows PC

Blender – friendly graphical editor of Blender, which boasts excellent functionality and convenience. The program is presented in the form of 3D graphical package designed for 3D modeling. The editor has a relatively small size and will not ship the system has a friendly interface, so it can work as professionals in working with 3D, as well as beginners. In the network there are many lessons and tutorials on how to use, so learn it does not take much. In the editor, you can create 3D images that are in quality will not yield to digital photography.

Features Of Blender

The program provides a means of 3D modeling, video editing, rendering, animation. The set features editor includes tools for creating visual volume effects, interactive games, etc. The program has laid a good set of features, models, textures, event handlers, which would be enough to create a decent volumetric images. If you engage in the program seriously, you can connect a wide variety of additional features and functions by installing plug-ins, which in the world wide web also abound.

At first editor was presented only with the English interface, now you can download Blender . Of course, the native language work with the program even more simple and straightforward. The program is completed by the set of simple primitives, including a variety of cylinders, additional grid, cubes, rings, spheres. With the help of primitives, you can create your own 3D models and use them for their own needs. In this edition of the program, developers have corrected the errors identified, added several new features and additions. In general, the program is an excellent substitute for the full 3D graphics editors.

After reviewing the program Blender, even at the primary level, you can easily create three-dimensional computer graphics. If the download Blender and deeper into her study, it is possible to create great animation, use it for professional purposes, and develop interactive games. This program uses a lot of users around the world that already speaks volumes about its practicality and convenience. Intuitive interface similar to editing MagicParticles 3D, which as well as Blender has a simple and intuitive interface, but can boast excellent functionality.


Graphic Editor supports three-dimensional graphics on the operating systems Windows, and it is presented for 32, and 64-bit systems. One of the advantages of the program is the ability to customize the interface to your taste and to your needs. Functions and tools for convenience divided into categories, which facilitates learning and working in the program. Having mastered this program, you will be able to create stunning three-dimensional images, animations and even games.


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