Bigg Boss 8 – Day 3: Secret Society Members Revealed

This season 8 of Bigg Boss has introduced by using it numerous surprises. Creating a mark in the initial episode using their grand entry in hooded garbs and dramatic voices, the audiences have experienced the three member ‘secret society’ manipulating the relaxation from the 12 in-flight participants.

After three days of puppeteering the people aboard, the people from the Secret Society will ultimately reveal themselves towards the audience tonight. However, their identity won’t be revealed while watching participants.

On being instructed by Bigg Boss, the Secret Society people – Deepshika Nagpal, Puneet Isaar and RJ Preetam Pyaare will disclose their faces and introduce themselves one  by one.

On being requested to voice their opinion, each member required turns to convey their impressions from the people and agreed that Gautam Gulati and Sonali Raut would be the most veiled among all of the people and Praneet may be the most powerful contender.


As the Secret Society will unveil themselves towards the audiences of Bigg Boss, they’ll still control the fate from the relaxation of the other members.

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