Big Boss 8 News Updates – Upen Patel Snaps At Sukirti Kandpal

The fondness and likeness which was apparent in on First Day between Sukirti Kandpal and Upen Patel within the Bigg Boss House disappeared into nothing right after! What exactly soured the grapes??

Around the second day following an activity provided by the key society, Gautam and Upen were requested to remain in the whole evening. As the males carried out the job satisfactorily, next morning another participants experienced another obstacle - those of water shortage! These were requested to 'earn' their water supply during the day by cycling carefully on the steady cycle stored within the premises. Upon being aware of the issue Sukirti went within the plane and told the co-people concerning the problem. She checked out Upen and requested him to come out and become using the others.

Sukirti Kandpal in Big boss 8

A sleep-deprived and groggy Upen lost his awesome immediately and informed her that there are pointless for him to come out as he continues to be dazed and tired after not getting rested for nearly 19 hrs. An undesirable Sukirti hurt by Upen's snappy reaction was seen crying later in isolation. When Upen saw exactly the same, he clarified he was basically attempting to let her know he was tired and sleepy and wouldn't wish to sit out. That a teary eyed Sukirti responded that even in your own home nobody talks to her for the reason that tone and she isn't accustomed to such attitudes. That Upen retorted that they is attempting to blow things from proportion and faking tears!

What goes on next? Have equations transformed overnight? just the tonight's episode will inform.

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