Apple Releasing iOS 8 Free For iPhone Users

Apple is going to offer its new operating system for free. The iPhone or iPad users can download it today. It shouldn't be a coincidence that Apple released iPhone 6 last week and just a week after, is releasing its new OS  iOS 8. The announcement was declare by CEO of Apple on Tuesday last week at a press conference and Apple declared that iOS 8 will be available for download on September 17.

The new iPhone operating system iOS 8 and 6 and 6 plus would be engaged in it. These phones will take to meet Friday in several countries including the United States. Features of the new Apple operating system developers conference in San Francisco in June told.


In addition, it is also a healthkit software that manages personal healthcare. Users of this kit provides information about the health of many. Home kit Apple also added to iOS 8. The iPhone and iPad gadgets connected to the Internet, such as door locks, lights, all type of controls and security systems.

Users of Apple smartphones such as iPhones and iPads are able to download the OS update at any time from 1 p.m. ET (Economic Times )today. Apple should really launch the iOS 8 at 10 a.m PT (1 p.m. ET). This is actually the exact same time that Apple released its past major OS update.

You will see two tips on how to download the iOS 8: either over-the-air using your iOS device in the Settings (Settings >General >Software Update.), or connect your phone to the PC and use iTunes.

The company's servers will be expected to be bombarded as soon as the iOS 8, that will be available for free.

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