What Is Apple Pay?

When Apple introduced a few days ago their new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus , in addition to Apple Watch, there were also some extra news that was somewhat in the shade. One was Apple Pay , which could revolutionize the way we paid for items and products in stores, leaving aside the cash and credit cards. Currently it is not available in India.

Paying By Mobile

The answer to what Apple Pay is simple: it is a system that allows the user of an iPhone 6 pay for purchases in physical stores with mobile phone, without taking his wallet. Pay Apple will also work with Apple Watch , which also can be used by users of compatible smartphones with clock.

How Does Apple Pay

Paying with your mobile? How can you do? Through NFC technology , which is already included in the latest model of Apple’s smartphone. Thus, users only have to transfer the data from your credit card to your iTunes Store account. A time to pay, just have to bring the iPhone to the receiving device of payment (we do need to have the store) and this will be done.

Is it safe?

Since Apple insist so. Only the owner of the iPhone can make payments because their identity is confirmed via Touch ID , that is, with your fingerprint. As for all the payment information (numbers and codes of the card), it will be encrypted and stored on the Secure Element chip. Neither Apple nor the institutions in which it is paid, they will have access to either the name or the number or the security code on the customer’s card. In addition, Apple will not register the purchase history so you can not know or what, or when, or where to purchase.

What Is Apple Pay

Also Buy Online

In addition to physical locations, users can also make purchases with Apple Pay online from iPhone using Touch ID to confirm them. They thus avoid having to fill out forms and pay personal information every time they make a purchase.

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