Apple iPad Mini 3 Release Date, Specification, Features And Price In India

After presenting the iPad Air 2 turn came the little brother, the iPad Mini  3, in this case if there were any surprises, not all rumors and leaks had discovered its features.

I begin with the most visual, the colors that will be available, you'll have an iPad Mini 3 in three colors, Silver, Space Grey and the new Gold , these data if they had said, but only for his older brother, so Palette comes to iPad iPhone.

Silver, Space Grey and the new Gold

Analyzing their performance step by step, it seems that Apple has not dump a lot of effort on this generation of the iPad Mini , gradually you will see that what I say.

The other aesthetic and functional innovation is the integration of fingerprint sensor Touch ID , again a feature that just was expected for the iPad Air, in this case the barometer will not be available and you need to keep your distance.

fingerprint sensor Touch ID

The capabilities that will be available are those that release the iPhone 6, that is, the iPad Mini 3're keeping it in 16Gb, 64Gb and 128Gb , a shame but there 32 no doubt the 16Gb longer make much sense.

The Retina Display LED backlit  7.9 inches with a resolution of 2048 by 1536 is the same as the previous generation.

Air thinning iPad 3 is below the iPad Mini 3 maintains its 0.75 thick, I understand what you ela s Retina display we no longer do.

iPad Mini 3

Entering its performance Apple has decided not to change or processor or coprocessor still maintain the A7 and M7 of the previous generation.

Regarding the cameras there is no news , the FaceTime HD keeps 1,2Mpx for photography and and 720p video, more of the same iSight 5Mpx

FaceTime HD keeps

Apple iPad Mini 3 Price In India

Speaking of prices , as in previous generations we have two versions, Wi-Fi: and Wi-Fi + Cellular.

Wi-Fi version:

16 Gb Rs.28,604
64 Gb Rs.38,473
128 Gb Rs.46,000

Wi-Fi + Cellular:

16 Gb Rs.40,000
64 Gb Rs.50,000
128 Gb Rs.56,000

So after analyzing its performance the question arises me what has changed in the Apple iPad Mini 3 from the previous generation? , if the color Golden Touch ID and availability 128Gb, ​​but the processor, camera, anything, Apple definitely wants to make the step more with the iPad Air.

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