How To Add Widgets To The Notification Center In iOS 8

A new feature which has long been some of the Apple device users have wanted to see in the different versions of operating systems have been coming to the market has of widgets in our Notification Center , enjoying style users of other handsets that had a different operating system.

8 iOS and Apple, in their eagerness to innovate and give another turn to what was the latest and great version of its iOS 7 operating system has finally brought us this feature, it provides enough flexibility in the use of our iPhone , iPod touch or iPad and allows faster access to the information that each of the applications we use or we work with provide. Today we show you how you can easily and simply add widgets to your iOS Notification Center 8.

  • In our iPhone, iPad or iPod touch unlocked, open the Notifications Center .
  • In Notification Center click on the tab today .
  • Today tab, at the bottom of your screen, click on Edit .
  • Below appears a list of widgets that can add to what we have to press the green button , and we can eliminate, for which we have to press the red buttons .
  • To order the appearance of the same according to our preference, will press the button with three lines we see on the right of the widgets that we have added.
  • Now we only have to press OK in the top right and we will be ready with Notification Center the widgets we want.


If you have any questions about the various steps to add widgets to your Notification Center or not you manage to complete any of the steps, you just have to leave a comment below so we can help.

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