How To Add Widgets To iOS 8 Notification Center – iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

One of the great innovations that has brought us finally  iOS 8  is the ability to add  third party widgets to the Today tab Notifications Center , a feature that we will be extremely useful to have quick access to the applications you use most frequently .

Widgets In iOS 8

With  iOS 8 the Widgets in Notification Center are here. And it was time !, as say, or say, many. This new option allows us, as long as the developer of the application in question has so implemented in your app, add “widgets” to the tab Notifications Center TODAY so that we will have quick access to tasks that we often do. Look for example it is now quick and easy to translate text iTranslate or add a new note in Evernote (Free download links which I leave at the end) from the Notification Center in iOS 8 :

Just Released iOS 8 devices in your vicinity, you stand even tinkering and you wonder how to add  widgets to the Notification Center . It’s simple:

1.On your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch unlocked, slide the Notifications Center on the “Today”.

2.Pulse the “Edit” button.

3. Now just press the red button on the widgets you do not want to appear in the Notification Center, or green in those who do want to add the Notification Center button.

4.Pulse and drag up or down button represented with three dashes sort order of appearance according to your preference.

5.Press OK and Done! Already have Notification Center to your taste with the widgets you want.


From now on, any developer can create your own  Widget for Notification Center so sure in the coming days we will be receiving new options for our most mundane tasks are completed even faster.


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