10 Apple Devices That Never Reached The Market

The iPod , iPhone , iPad and Mac computers we use today have not only changed the environment in which we develop every day but also the way in which we communicate  with others.

That is why today it is very difficult to imagine a world without these elements as they certainly have given rise to the other companies do the same in this race by a constant technological innovation .

Speaking particularly Apple , along its existence have developed  “innovative” products that for various reasons never made ​​it to market . For example we have the how from 1983 Apple had a similar device desarrrollado iPhone we know today.

10 Apple Devices That Never Reached The Market

Let’s start with the list:

1. The First iPhone : Based on the idea of having a computer and a phone together is that  Hartmut Esslinger , the designer of the Apple IIc made ​​this prototype in 1983 , yes, 24 years before the presentation of the iPhone .

The First iPhone

2. Apple Walt : This device meaning “Wizzy Active Lifestyle Telephone” was designed in 1993 and basically worked in conjunction with the home phone to  find contacts , send faxes  and even check the bank balance .

Apple Walt

3. Apple Penmac / PenLite : Originally designed in 1990 and resumed in 1992 born this device more than anything else trying to take Apple to explore other markets.

Apple Penmac  PenLite

4. The First iPad : A hybrid device 1991 that sought to market the current iPad , we do not even imagine how uncomfortable to hold.

The first iPad

5. Apple Exchanger : This small, unique device 1992 sought innovation in the business market as it scanned to check the money exchange.

Apple Exchanger

6. Apple Timeband : This device is the predecessor of the current Apple Watch , on the screen you can see a  world clock and a kind of GPS , however the most interesting is the section on ” call “.

Apple Timeband

7. Apple First GPS : This portable device with function GPS sported a black orange color and possessed a similar interface some early version of Google Maps , it the use of images as seen benchmarks to indicate places.

Apple First GPS

8. The Original Mac Pro : This device designed in 1991 , shows the desire for Apple to meet the needs of your most demanding customers , making more machines large and powerful than conventional Mac.


9. iTV : This device of the early 90s has been pretty rumored in recent years and basically meant one projector mounted on the bottom of the device fitted to the wall and it provided an image in what is now known as  HD.


10. The iPad “projected” Do you see a laser keyboard? This device 1991 operates very similarly and is evidence of the many ideas that were in those days about what we know today as iPad.

The iPad projected

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